There Are Some Things That Should Be Left To Professionals


When planning to sell your home, it’s not just as easy as announcing that you are selling and looking for buyers. There are things to consider and processes that both the seller and the property has to go through.

When it Just Doesn’t Pay to Cut Corners

We all love a bargain and whether we are shopping for clothes, shoes, a new car, furniture or even a new home, the temptation to save money often takes over and overrides our common sense. Since buying a new home is usually the largest purchase most of us make in our lifetime, it is the perfect example of an area where people often try to cut corners to save money.

There is probably not too much wrong with that except when it comes to organising the conveyancing. For those who don’t know, conveyancing is the process of transferring the title deed from the seller to the buyer. When described in those few words, it seems like a simple enough task that anyone with a bit of knowledge could do.

Don’t Let a Legal Amateur Manage a Complex Process

However, conveyancing is actually a complex legal procedure that relies heavily on other people doing things in a long chain that culminates in settlement. If all is well, the seller gets their money and the buyer gets possession of the dwelling. It involves dozens of steps that must be done to deadlines where anything could go wrong at any time, and any mistake will be expensive.

If it sounds like a nightmare, it can be, especially in the hands of the inexperienced. Unfortunately, in the quest to save on conveyancing fees, some people bypass legal experts, only to find that something has gone wrong. They then have to engage solicitors to sort out the mess which costs them much more in the long run.

Botched Conveyancing Efforts Cause Incredible Stress

This can all be incredibly stressful for the parties involved. Imagine having everything ready to move into a new home. Everyone is excited. Your possessions are all packed up, they are already loaded in the van and the lease on your rental property is finalised. Suddenly you get word that the settlement cannot proceed because of some problem.

Where will you and your family live? What will happen to your possessions? Where will you find adequate storage? How much is it all going to cost to accommodate your family and your things until everything is sorted out? Sadly, the stress, anxiety and disappointment is just the beginning. There will be many more heart-pounding moments until everything is sorted out.

Legal Professionals Know What They Are Doing

As they say, this can all be avoided by engaging professional and legally trained conveyancing solicitor. Professionals understand the importance of thoroughly checking title search results and following up on something unusual. They arrange the transfer documents, liaise with real estate agents and mortgage lenders, calculate the correct settlement figures and attend the settlement. Post-settlement, they finalise everything correctly and account to their client.

It is not worth the angst and financial pain that results when a conveyancing transaction performed by someone inexperienced ends badly. Everyone wants their experience of buying a new home to be an exciting one that leaves happy memories. This can easily be achieved by hiring a legal professional