Church Activities to help you prevent addiction

When you are dealing with addiction, your first line of action would be to seek professional help from an addiction treatment center. This step would go a long way in helping you achieve the sobriety that you seek.

However, many experts have opined that the best way to deal with addiction is to prevent it from happening.

Usually, one of the reasons why addiction happens is because there is an anomaly in an individual’s way of life. Therefore, correcting such anomalies would help to prevent addiction in the long run.

Community Volunteering

The essence of volunteering is to help people in need without expecting anything in return. When you volunteer from a pure heart, you will feel at peace with yourself.

Additionally, volunteering helps you to reduce your stress levels, thereby making you happier with yourself.

Therefore, joining the church in different communal events especially the ones that are volunteering-inclined, would go a long way in helping people discover purpose and keep addiction at bay.

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Regular Church Services

Another essential church activity that would help to prevent addiction is constant church services.

When people are far away from a gathering of sober and spiritual people, they might likely fall into the web of addiction.

Hence, these church services would be targeted at bringing people to salvation and also helping them deal with other aspects of their lives that would prevent addiction.

Small Unit meetings

Beyond church services, another way to prevent addiction is by holding small unit meetings. This would help members of the church living in close locations to know one another.

Hence, they would feel at ease to open up to any of the small unit members if they are facing any problems. This would go a long way in preventing people from becoming addicted because there is help all around them.


How to use your faith to trust God for your mental health

When it comes to our mental health, many Christians do not realize that God has a pivotal role to play in helping us achieve the right state of mind.

Therefore, when some believers have a mental health problem, they forget the place of God in their lives.

Some of them begin to rely on unhealthy habits which further worsen their mental health. If you are facing mental health issues, one of the solutions you should not neglect is trusting God with your faith.

Here are some ways to use your faith regarding your mental health.

Use scriptures

The beautiful reality about the scriptures is, that it contains everything we need to conquer all our challenges in life.

When you meditate regularly on the scriptures, your faith is built which allows you to trust God for the impossible. Studying the scriptures brings peace of mind. This effect also transcends to making your mental health at peace.

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Fellowship with believers

Another way to build and use your faith to trust God is by fellowshipping with believers. Some people don’t buy the idea that this kind of fellowship is compulsory.

However, there are different instances in the Bible where the effect of communal power was so profound. This was because all the believers had the same understanding and spirit.

The perks of being with your brothers and sisters in Christ bring healing to your mental health.

Pray continuously

Another way to utilize your faith to trust God is to keep praying. The act of prayer is communicating with God.

Therefore, when you pray, it is important to do so in line with the scriptures. This would help you build your faith and trust God for the impossible.

Finally, when it comes to trusting God for your mental health with faith, you need to be consistent in your fellowship with God.

So, even when it feels like things are not working out, ensure you keep up your spiritual activities.


How the Church helps addicts to overcome their addiction

Almost every addict looks forward to breaking free from their addiction. However, it looks like a far cry because their brain’s reward system has been triggered.

Therefore, even though they make up their minds to stop their addictive habit, they still return to it.

In the church, there are some Christians who struggle with addiction. And it is largely because they have not understood some basic principles about trusting God for every aspect of their lives.

The church has a great assignment in helping addicts to put their addiction at bay, and this is what you will be learning in this piece. If there are addicts in your assembly, check out some ways to help them.

Community support

A church community is one of its strongest pillars, as even depicted in the Bible. It is easy for you to thrive in different aspects of your life when you are an active participant in a community.

The church needs to ensure that addicts do not feel left out.

They should be encouraged to take part in different activities in the church to help stabilize their spiritual growth and eventually break free from addiction.

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More understanding of God’s word to fight off addiction

The church also helps the addict to see the light in God’s word, instead of just doing the regular reading.

With good insightful teaching, they will understand that God’s word is alive and not dead, and it is capable of helping them handle any situation in their lives.

Therefore, they will be encouraged to read and study the word of God on their own. And it will make it easier for them to apply the content with faith.

Easy access to counseling or treatment

The church has lots of meaningful connections that it can leverage to help addicts in their midst. They can enroll them in free counseling sessions that will precede addiction treatment.


How to leverage the Bible for strength in Mental health recovery

Having mental health problems can be likened to the dark days and turbulent times we face as Christians. This is the period where our faith is tested. And we are most vulnerable to stop depending on God who is our source.

When Christians experience mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and the like, one of the ways to draw strength, is by going back to the Bible.

The Word of God is a complete book that contains the solution to everything we would face during our sojourn on this Earth.  

Hence, if you are in mental health recovery, hope might look bleak, but God’s strength is ever-available to draw strength from.

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Here are some ways to leverage the Bible when you need strength the most

  • Keep meditating on his promises

The Bible contains a truckload of hope and promises that we can draw strength and hope from. If you are in mental health recovery, or you happen to know anyone, dwelling on God’s word is the way to remain sane and receive strength.

God’s promises offer hope, renewal, encouragement, and support. And it is our heritage to draw the blessings from his word.

  • Keep confessing them regularly

Instead of confessing negative words, it is more beneficial to confess the word of God to yourself. You can write down a list of Bible verses centered on healing and restoration, and confess them to yourself each day.

The advantage of doing this is, the word of God will be ingrained into your mind and consciousness. This would also help in ordering your path, as you would be doing this that keeps your mental health safe.

  • Drawing hope from stories of people who had it tough

When you read the Bible thoroughly, you will see the stories of people who had it very tough. However, God came through for them when they least expected.

Hence, when you see incidences like this, it encourages you not to give up and keep trusting God to pull through your mental health treatment


How to care for your mental health as a Christian

As a steadfast Christians, one of the things you need to be mindful of is your health, especially your mental health. Many people, including Christians, downplay some symptoms of poor mental health, and it causes complicated problems in the long run.

Taking care of your mental health should be highly prioritized because you need to be able to take care of yourself and other people around you.

Here are some ways to care for your mental health as a Christian

Meditate Each day

An ardent reader of God’s word will observe that many people in the Bible often meditated. You need to clear your schedule to spend time alone with God.

It is advised to get a quiet place, free from distractions so that you can focus on God. Doing this helps to build you spiritually, physically, and mentally.

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Exercise regularly

To keep your mental health in shape, you need to exercise frequently. This is one of the ways to get stability and control over possible mental health problems that might arise.

Based on medical recommendations, you need to exercise between 150-200 hours each week. This would help you release some stored unhealthy emotions, and you will feel better afterward.

Nourish your soul with prayer and study of the word

To be a balanced Christian, you need to pray and read your Bible every time. You will be surprised to hear that these activities come with profound benefits for your mental health.

Anytime you pray or study the word, you feel refreshed, and you emit some unhealthy vibes previously within you.

Hence, instead of worrying, why not pray more often knowing that you have someone listening to you, who would grant your desires.

Be thankful

When you regularly practice gratitude, you will realize that many of your prayers have been answered but you’ve been worrying too much to notice.

Gratitude and thanksgiving help you feel more at peace, and you can trust God more to keep coming through for you.


What does the Bible say about Addiction

Life comes with different types of temptations. Some of them have people addicted for many years, with no way of escape. However, different promises in the Bible offer hope and restoration to people facing challenges like an addiction.

One of the prominent verses in the Bible is where Paul wrote to the Corinthians in his second letter. He informed them that there is no temptation that can be greater than them.

This is because God is faithful and he would not let them be tempted beyond what they can control.  

In addition, he reminds them that when they are tempted, God will always provide a route of escape so that they can endure it.

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After these reminders, he warns them to flee from idolatry. In this context, idolatry is anything that takes the place of God in our lives.

This also suggests that addiction should be done away with because it makes us forget the place of God in our lives.

An addict knows fully well that their addiction has a high priority in their lives. This means that they can put everything aside just to tend to their addiction.  

James also reminds Christians of the promises of God in the fourth chapter of his book. He tells Christians that submitting to God is one profound way to resist the devil so that he will flee.

This means that recognizing the sovereign power of God and his place in our lives would make any alien inhabitant take their leave.

If you are struggling with addiction, the Bible is one of the books you should read because of the efficacious hope it offers.

You need to recognize your place in God and stamp your authority on any challenge giving you hard times.

It might look difficult to achieve this feat but the power of God will empower you not to give up. He would also direct your path on the suitable rehab where you would get your addiction treatment from.


How to overcome addiction through God’s power

Many Christians struggle with addiction because they have not fully realized the extent to which God’s power works. This doesn’t negate the fact that they believe in God, but they don’t trust him yet to help them break free from the shackles of addiction.

Becoming sober might look like an extreme sport for an addicted individual, especially if the person has been locked down in addiction for a long time.

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In this piece, you will learn quintessential tips to help you utilize God’s power in overcoming addiction.

  • Pray regularly

Addiction can make your fellowship with God dull. This is because you will prefer to spend time with your addiction instead of fellowshipping with God. However, when you discover that you no longer pray as you used to, you need to get back on track.

Prayer is simply communication with God. You speak to him and he speaks back. Even though he knows what you are battling with, he wants you to tell him about it.

When you get your prayer life back on track, you will discover that God is ever ready to help you fight it.

  • Study the word

Another way to arm yourself with much power to defeat addiction is to study the Bible.

During your study time, you will encounter God’s promises and assurance for us when it comes to fighting battles like these.

This would also help your prayer life because you will be praying in faith alongside the knowledge of God’s word.

  • Fellowship with brethren

Overcoming addiction would not be complete if you don’t spend enough time fellowshipping with brethren in the church. You will gain a lot both spiritually and physically, and your life would be better for it.

Also, you will understand that spending ample time with like minds will positively impact your soul, and it would make you lose interest gradually in your addiction.

You will also have people who follow up on you to ensure that you are making progress.


Benefits of Christian Gathering

For an addict or any individual, there are some benefits that being in a Christian gathering gives you. These benefits relate both to social and emotional feelings, and also to the purpose and faith of a person. Being in a Christian gathering helps you see a different aspect of life.

A Christian gathering is a come together of believers of Christ to fellowship and communion. It occurs as frequently as possible, and mostly within a church setting, but it is limited to the church.

This is a gathering of people with similar faith, who strengthen each other in prayer and words.

These believers share things with themselves; they help each other where needed, and express love to each other. They also strengthen themselves with the words of God. So, what benefits do you gain from being in this gathering.

Some benefits include;

  • Renewed Hope

For someone who has given up on life or is going through a tough time in life. Being In a gathering of Christians helps to renew your hope about life. Through God’s Word you will see a new aspect of life and that there is always hope, even for an addict.

  • Feeling of Love

When you are in a gathering of Christians, you are among a loving people. You get to meet people who love you not because they want something you, but because Christ loves you. This expression of love can help you overcome any negative feelings that may be disturbing you.

  • Sharing

In a gathering of Christian, you are free to share things that bother you, without fear of judgment. The Christian gathering isn’t a place to judge, but to help through love in Christ. So, you can find the needed counselling in a gathering of Christians.

In summary, a Christian gathering is a great place for anyone to be. Even addicts find hope in this gathering. And as we have highlighted above, those are some benefits you gain from a Christian gathering.


How Faith Helps You Conquer Addiction as A Believer

Addiction isn’t meant for a certain group of people, no one is immune from drug or alcohol addiction. Therefore, even believers can become addicted, either behavioral addiction or substance addiction.

But unlike others there are ways in which a believer’s faith can help him/her overcome addiction.

Believing in God can be a liberating point in helping an addict overcome addiction. Therefore, this article will highlight how faith can help an addict conquer addiction. Some of these are glaring, while others are a bit more vague.

So, here are ways in which faith can help a believer overcome addiction.

  • God’s Love

With faith, you remember that God loves you. For an addict feeling loved and  cared for is very important. So, know that God loves you is a big booster to continue and get better from addiction.

  • God is With You In The Midst of It All

Also, through faith and continuously reading and listening to God’s Word, you are reminded  that God is with you. That even in the midst of your journey to overcome addiction God is there supporting you. You also remember that God is always ready to help you.

That all you need to do is embrace His love and help and things will get better.

  • There Is Hope of Eternal

Faith also helps an addict know that regardless of what happens in life, there is hope as long as you’re in Christ. That Christ died for you and that you’ve eternal life in Him, and nothing can take that away.

  • Strength to Go on

Through faith in God an addict can get strength to continue. Sobriety is a long journey that can get tiring, and you can get frustrated at times. So, you need strength to continually stay on track and not give up.

In God, believers can derive strength.

In summary, addiction is not the end of a person’s life. In God you realize that there is much more for you in life. So, you’re encouraged not to give-up but to continue as you derive your strength from God.


Benefits of Church Counselling for Addicts

Counselling is vital in recovery from any form of addiction. Addiction often affects the mental health of a person, as well as their social and emotional life.

So, part of their treatment program is counselling, to understand what they have gone through and to give them new home.

Often counselling is better when it is done by someone with experience in addiction. It could be someone who was formerly an addict or someone with a family member or close friend who was an addict.

What this does is create a trust between the recovering addict and the counsellor, as he/she feels like the counsellor understands what they have gone through.

But counselling in a church is also very helpful. The trust is already created, especially if the person had been a member of the church. So, this article will highlight some benefits of church counselling for addicts.

  • A Safe Environment

In counselling it is vital that person feels that he/she is in a safe environment, one where they can fully open up. This way the person trusts the counsellor and can get real deep in conversations. This is one benefit that comes with church counselling.

The church is generally seen as a safe place, so people would feel safe in a church. Especially when there is no judging but pure expression of love and care.

  • Soul Counselling

Church counselling goes beyond just helping the addict recover, but it touches on the soul and salvation of the person. Through God’s Word, addicts can be saved and find renewed hope in church. This would help the addict live a better life even after counselling.

  • Confidentiality

In the church, the leaders are used to counselling people and they understand the importance of confidentiality. This is a key trait to ensure what is discussed during counselling doesn’t become a topic of discussion in the neighborhood.

In summary, church counselling offers much benefits for an addiction. They get to feel the support and love of other believers around them in a safe environment.