How the Church Can Help Her Addicted Members

Church members can also become addicts. Certain situation like excess stress, negative emotions or trauma can push a person into addiction.

When addiction occurs is not a time to blame people, but to help them in every way you can to get the required help.

Therefore, we will discuss how the church can help her addicted members to recover. We will highlight vital steps the church can take to ensure that an addict member gets betters. These steps vary based on the particular addiction the person faces, but we will highlight few general steps to take.

These steps include;

  • Show Love

It is important that an addict feels loved and not rejected. The feeling of shame and fear of rejection and condemnation is often what pushes them to withdraw from loved ones and friends. So, as a church we can help addicts by showing them love.

We express God’s love to them through our words, actions, and support. Addicts need all the encouragement they need to overcome addiction, and this is one the church can offer.

  • Counselling

The church can also help an addict member through counselling. This would help the person overcome certain negative feelings and emotions. With proper counselling, the person can open up and what lead to addiction initially and from this, solutions can be gotten.

  • Be Patient

With addiction, it is vital that you exercise patience. To help an addict member, the church has to be patient with the person. Through patience the church can provide support to the addict member.

  • Get Professional Help

To help the addict, the church should direct the person to the right treatment program. Addiction is a chronic illness that affects the brains cells, so counselling alone cannot solve it. Therefore, help the addict member by getting them professional help.

In summary, the church can help an addict member recover and get better. But the church has to use the right guide in offering help to this member. Therefore, using this steps would help in assisting an addict member.