Benefits of Christian Gathering

For an addict or any individual, there are some benefits that being in a Christian gathering gives you. These benefits relate both to social and emotional feelings, and also to the purpose and faith of a person. Being in a Christian gathering helps you see a different aspect of life.

A Christian gathering is a come together of believers of Christ to fellowship and communion. It occurs as frequently as possible, and mostly within a church setting, but it is limited to the church.

This is a gathering of people with similar faith, who strengthen each other in prayer and words.

These believers share things with themselves; they help each other where needed, and express love to each other. They also strengthen themselves with the words of God. So, what benefits do you gain from being in this gathering.

Some benefits include;

  • Renewed Hope

For someone who has given up on life or is going through a tough time in life. Being In a gathering of Christians helps to renew your hope about life. Through God’s Word you will see a new aspect of life and that there is always hope, even for an addict.

  • Feeling of Love

When you are in a gathering of Christians, you are among a loving people. You get to meet people who love you not because they want something you, but because Christ loves you. This expression of love can help you overcome any negative feelings that may be disturbing you.

  • Sharing

In a gathering of Christian, you are free to share things that bother you, without fear of judgment. The Christian gathering isn’t a place to judge, but to help through love in Christ. So, you can find the needed counselling in a gathering of Christians.

In summary, a Christian gathering is a great place for anyone to be. Even addicts find hope in this gathering. And as we have highlighted above, those are some benefits you gain from a Christian gathering.


How Faith Helps You Conquer Addiction as A Believer

Addiction isn’t meant for a certain group of people, no one is immune from drug or alcohol addiction. Therefore, even believers can become addicted, either behavioral addiction or substance addiction.

But unlike others there are ways in which a believer’s faith can help him/her overcome addiction.

Believing in God can be a liberating point in helping an addict overcome addiction. Therefore, this article will highlight how faith can help an addict conquer addiction. Some of these are glaring, while others are a bit more vague.

So, here are ways in which faith can help a believer overcome addiction.

  • God’s Love

With faith, you remember that God loves you. For an addict feeling loved and  cared for is very important. So, know that God loves you is a big booster to continue and get better from addiction.

  • God is With You In The Midst of It All

Also, through faith and continuously reading and listening to God’s Word, you are reminded  that God is with you. That even in the midst of your journey to overcome addiction God is there supporting you. You also remember that God is always ready to help you.

That all you need to do is embrace His love and help and things will get better.

  • There Is Hope of Eternal

Faith also helps an addict know that regardless of what happens in life, there is hope as long as you’re in Christ. That Christ died for you and that you’ve eternal life in Him, and nothing can take that away.

  • Strength to Go on

Through faith in God an addict can get strength to continue. Sobriety is a long journey that can get tiring, and you can get frustrated at times. So, you need strength to continually stay on track and not give up.

In God, believers can derive strength.

In summary, addiction is not the end of a person’s life. In God you realize that there is much more for you in life. So, you’re encouraged not to give-up but to continue as you derive your strength from God.


Benefits of Church Counselling for Addicts

Counselling is vital in recovery from any form of addiction. Addiction often affects the mental health of a person, as well as their social and emotional life.

So, part of their treatment program is counselling, to understand what they have gone through and to give them new home.

Often counselling is better when it is done by someone with experience in addiction. It could be someone who was formerly an addict or someone with a family member or close friend who was an addict.

What this does is create a trust between the recovering addict and the counsellor, as he/she feels like the counsellor understands what they have gone through.

But counselling in a church is also very helpful. The trust is already created, especially if the person had been a member of the church. So, this article will highlight some benefits of church counselling for addicts.

  • A Safe Environment

In counselling it is vital that person feels that he/she is in a safe environment, one where they can fully open up. This way the person trusts the counsellor and can get real deep in conversations. This is one benefit that comes with church counselling.

The church is generally seen as a safe place, so people would feel safe in a church. Especially when there is no judging but pure expression of love and care.

  • Soul Counselling

Church counselling goes beyond just helping the addict recover, but it touches on the soul and salvation of the person. Through God’s Word, addicts can be saved and find renewed hope in church. This would help the addict live a better life even after counselling.

  • Confidentiality

In the church, the leaders are used to counselling people and they understand the importance of confidentiality. This is a key trait to ensure what is discussed during counselling doesn’t become a topic of discussion in the neighborhood.

In summary, church counselling offers much benefits for an addiction. They get to feel the support and love of other believers around them in a safe environment.


Health Tips for the Recovering Church Addict

Church members are not immune from addiction. Certain circumstances can lead a church member to addiction. What matters is how the person deals with it and what treatment program the person uses.

Yes, faith is vital in helping an addict recover, especially a believer. It helps to give them a renewed hope that things will be better and that they will recover.

It also helps them see God’s love in it all, that despite everything God hasn’t left them.

Furthermore, it is vital that these people use certain health tips. Tips which would help them recover and maintain sobriety. These tips vary, but we will only mention a few.

  • Self care

As a recovering addict, it is vital that you embrace self-care. Yes, you might feel the urge to dislike yourself for falling into addiction.

But do not condemn yourself, but embrace your recovery process and care for yourself. Take time to nurture positive thoughts, rest well, and avoid stress.

  • Meditation

As a church member recovering from addiction, meditation would go a long way in helping you recover. Meditate on God’s Word, what His Word says about you and how you can walk in it.

Meditating on the things of God detaches you from negative feelings and constantly keeps you in align with God’s will for you.

  • Regular Exercise and Balanced Diet

Ensure you eat a healthy meal. Avoid stress and eat well. Eating a balanced diet helps keep you sharp, energize, and rebuilds your immune system which might have been affected by drugs consumption.

You should also embrace regular exercise, morning jogs or walks. This helps to keep you fit and gives you something to focus your energy on to avoid relapse.

  • New Habits

Embrace new, positive habits. Go for habits that would help keep your mind off drugs, alcohol or any other addiction you had. You can volunteer in church or in the community.

You can take up creative art or music.

In summary, the journey to recovery for an addict is a long path. But it isn’t impossible, you simply need patience proper guidance and stay healthy. So, these health tips would help you remain healthy during sobriety.