Health Tips for the Recovering Church Addict

Church members are not immune from addiction. Certain circumstances can lead a church member to addiction. What matters is how the person deals with it and what treatment program the person uses.

Yes, faith is vital in helping an addict recover, especially a believer. It helps to give them a renewed hope that things will be better and that they will recover.

It also helps them see God’s love in it all, that despite everything God hasn’t left them.

Furthermore, it is vital that these people use certain health tips. Tips which would help them recover and maintain sobriety. These tips vary, but we will only mention a few.

  • Self care

As a recovering addict, it is vital that you embrace self-care. Yes, you might feel the urge to dislike yourself for falling into addiction.

But do not condemn yourself, but embrace your recovery process and care for yourself. Take time to nurture positive thoughts, rest well, and avoid stress.

  • Meditation

As a church member recovering from addiction, meditation would go a long way in helping you recover. Meditate on God’s Word, what His Word says about you and how you can walk in it.

Meditating on the things of God detaches you from negative feelings and constantly keeps you in align with God’s will for you.

  • Regular Exercise and Balanced Diet

Ensure you eat a healthy meal. Avoid stress and eat well. Eating a balanced diet helps keep you sharp, energize, and rebuilds your immune system which might have been affected by drugs consumption.

You should also embrace regular exercise, morning jogs or walks. This helps to keep you fit and gives you something to focus your energy on to avoid relapse.

  • New Habits

Embrace new, positive habits. Go for habits that would help keep your mind off drugs, alcohol or any other addiction you had. You can volunteer in church or in the community.

You can take up creative art or music.

In summary, the journey to recovery for an addict is a long path. But it isn’t impossible, you simply need patience proper guidance and stay healthy. So, these health tips would help you remain healthy during sobriety.

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