Benefits of Church Counselling for Addicts

Counselling is vital in recovery from any form of addiction. Addiction often affects the mental health of a person, as well as their social and emotional life.

So, part of their treatment program is counselling, to understand what they have gone through and to give them new home.

Often counselling is better when it is done by someone with experience in addiction. It could be someone who was formerly an addict or someone with a family member or close friend who was an addict.

What this does is create a trust between the recovering addict and the counsellor, as he/she feels like the counsellor understands what they have gone through.

But counselling in a church is also very helpful. The trust is already created, especially if the person had been a member of the church. So, this article will highlight some benefits of church counselling for addicts.

  • A Safe Environment

In counselling it is vital that person feels that he/she is in a safe environment, one where they can fully open up. This way the person trusts the counsellor and can get real deep in conversations. This is one benefit that comes with church counselling.

The church is generally seen as a safe place, so people would feel safe in a church. Especially when there is no judging but pure expression of love and care.

  • Soul Counselling

Church counselling goes beyond just helping the addict recover, but it touches on the soul and salvation of the person. Through God’s Word, addicts can be saved and find renewed hope in church. This would help the addict live a better life even after counselling.

  • Confidentiality

In the church, the leaders are used to counselling people and they understand the importance of confidentiality. This is a key trait to ensure what is discussed during counselling doesn’t become a topic of discussion in the neighborhood.

In summary, church counselling offers much benefits for an addiction. They get to feel the support and love of other believers around them in a safe environment.

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