How Faith Helps You Conquer Addiction as A Believer

Addiction isn’t meant for a certain group of people, no one is immune from drug or alcohol addiction. Therefore, even believers can become addicted, either behavioral addiction or substance addiction.

But unlike others there are ways in which a believer’s faith can help him/her overcome addiction.

Believing in God can be a liberating point in helping an addict overcome addiction. Therefore, this article will highlight how faith can help an addict conquer addiction. Some of these are glaring, while others are a bit more vague.

So, here are ways in which faith can help a believer overcome addiction.

  • God’s Love

With faith, you remember that God loves you. For an addict feeling loved and  cared for is very important. So, know that God loves you is a big booster to continue and get better from addiction.

  • God is With You In The Midst of It All

Also, through faith and continuously reading and listening to God’s Word, you are reminded  that God is with you. That even in the midst of your journey to overcome addiction God is there supporting you. You also remember that God is always ready to help you.

That all you need to do is embrace His love and help and things will get better.

  • There Is Hope of Eternal

Faith also helps an addict know that regardless of what happens in life, there is hope as long as you’re in Christ. That Christ died for you and that you’ve eternal life in Him, and nothing can take that away.

  • Strength to Go on

Through faith in God an addict can get strength to continue. Sobriety is a long journey that can get tiring, and you can get frustrated at times. So, you need strength to continually stay on track and not give up.

In God, believers can derive strength.

In summary, addiction is not the end of a person’s life. In God you realize that there is much more for you in life. So, you’re encouraged not to give-up but to continue as you derive your strength from God.

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