What does the Bible say about Addiction

Life comes with different types of temptations. Some of them have people addicted for many years, with no way of escape. However, different promises in the Bible offer hope and restoration to people facing challenges like an addiction.

One of the prominent verses in the Bible is where Paul wrote to the Corinthians in his second letter. He informed them that there is no temptation that can be greater than them.

This is because God is faithful and he would not let them be tempted beyond what they can control.  

In addition, he reminds them that when they are tempted, God will always provide a route of escape so that they can endure it.

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After these reminders, he warns them to flee from idolatry. In this context, idolatry is anything that takes the place of God in our lives.

This also suggests that addiction should be done away with because it makes us forget the place of God in our lives.

An addict knows fully well that their addiction has a high priority in their lives. This means that they can put everything aside just to tend to their addiction.  

James also reminds Christians of the promises of God in the fourth chapter of his book. He tells Christians that submitting to God is one profound way to resist the devil so that he will flee.

This means that recognizing the sovereign power of God and his place in our lives would make any alien inhabitant take their leave.

If you are struggling with addiction, the Bible is one of the books you should read because of the efficacious hope it offers.

You need to recognize your place in God and stamp your authority on any challenge giving you hard times.

It might look difficult to achieve this feat but the power of God will empower you not to give up. He would also direct your path on the suitable rehab where you would get your addiction treatment from.

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