How the Church helps addicts to overcome their addiction

Almost every addict looks forward to breaking free from their addiction. However, it looks like a far cry because their brain’s reward system has been triggered.

Therefore, even though they make up their minds to stop their addictive habit, they still return to it.

In the church, there are some Christians who struggle with addiction. And it is largely because they have not understood some basic principles about trusting God for every aspect of their lives.

The church has a great assignment in helping addicts to put their addiction at bay, and this is what you will be learning in this piece. If there are addicts in your assembly, check out some ways to help them.

Community support

A church community is one of its strongest pillars, as even depicted in the Bible. It is easy for you to thrive in different aspects of your life when you are an active participant in a community.

The church needs to ensure that addicts do not feel left out.

They should be encouraged to take part in different activities in the church to help stabilize their spiritual growth and eventually break free from addiction.

Photo of Child Reading Holy Bible

More understanding of God’s word to fight off addiction

The church also helps the addict to see the light in God’s word, instead of just doing the regular reading.

With good insightful teaching, they will understand that God’s word is alive and not dead, and it is capable of helping them handle any situation in their lives.

Therefore, they will be encouraged to read and study the word of God on their own. And it will make it easier for them to apply the content with faith.

Easy access to counseling or treatment

The church has lots of meaningful connections that it can leverage to help addicts in their midst. They can enroll them in free counseling sessions that will precede addiction treatment.


How to leverage the Bible for strength in Mental health recovery

Having mental health problems can be likened to the dark days and turbulent times we face as Christians. This is the period where our faith is tested. And we are most vulnerable to stop depending on God who is our source.

When Christians experience mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and the like, one of the ways to draw strength, is by going back to the Bible.

The Word of God is a complete book that contains the solution to everything we would face during our sojourn on this Earth.  

Hence, if you are in mental health recovery, hope might look bleak, but God’s strength is ever-available to draw strength from.

Person Sitting On A Chair Holding Book

Here are some ways to leverage the Bible when you need strength the most

  • Keep meditating on his promises

The Bible contains a truckload of hope and promises that we can draw strength and hope from. If you are in mental health recovery, or you happen to know anyone, dwelling on God’s word is the way to remain sane and receive strength.

God’s promises offer hope, renewal, encouragement, and support. And it is our heritage to draw the blessings from his word.

  • Keep confessing them regularly

Instead of confessing negative words, it is more beneficial to confess the word of God to yourself. You can write down a list of Bible verses centered on healing and restoration, and confess them to yourself each day.

The advantage of doing this is, the word of God will be ingrained into your mind and consciousness. This would also help in ordering your path, as you would be doing this that keeps your mental health safe.

  • Drawing hope from stories of people who had it tough

When you read the Bible thoroughly, you will see the stories of people who had it very tough. However, God came through for them when they least expected.

Hence, when you see incidences like this, it encourages you not to give up and keep trusting God to pull through your mental health treatment