Church Activities to help you prevent addiction

When you are dealing with addiction, your first line of action would be to seek professional help from an addiction treatment center. This step would go a long way in helping you achieve the sobriety that you seek.

However, many experts have opined that the best way to deal with addiction is to prevent it from happening.

Usually, one of the reasons why addiction happens is because there is an anomaly in an individual’s way of life. Therefore, correcting such anomalies would help to prevent addiction in the long run.

Community Volunteering

The essence of volunteering is to help people in need without expecting anything in return. When you volunteer from a pure heart, you will feel at peace with yourself.

Additionally, volunteering helps you to reduce your stress levels, thereby making you happier with yourself.

Therefore, joining the church in different communal events especially the ones that are volunteering-inclined, would go a long way in helping people discover purpose and keep addiction at bay.

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Regular Church Services

Another essential church activity that would help to prevent addiction is constant church services.

When people are far away from a gathering of sober and spiritual people, they might likely fall into the web of addiction.

Hence, these church services would be targeted at bringing people to salvation and also helping them deal with other aspects of their lives that would prevent addiction.

Small Unit meetings

Beyond church services, another way to prevent addiction is by holding small unit meetings. This would help members of the church living in close locations to know one another.

Hence, they would feel at ease to open up to any of the small unit members if they are facing any problems. This would go a long way in preventing people from becoming addicted because there is help all around them.


How to use your faith to trust God for your mental health

When it comes to our mental health, many Christians do not realize that God has a pivotal role to play in helping us achieve the right state of mind.

Therefore, when some believers have a mental health problem, they forget the place of God in their lives.

Some of them begin to rely on unhealthy habits which further worsen their mental health. If you are facing mental health issues, one of the solutions you should not neglect is trusting God with your faith.

Here are some ways to use your faith regarding your mental health.

Use scriptures

The beautiful reality about the scriptures is, that it contains everything we need to conquer all our challenges in life.

When you meditate regularly on the scriptures, your faith is built which allows you to trust God for the impossible. Studying the scriptures brings peace of mind. This effect also transcends to making your mental health at peace.

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Fellowship with believers

Another way to build and use your faith to trust God is by fellowshipping with believers. Some people don’t buy the idea that this kind of fellowship is compulsory.

However, there are different instances in the Bible where the effect of communal power was so profound. This was because all the believers had the same understanding and spirit.

The perks of being with your brothers and sisters in Christ bring healing to your mental health.

Pray continuously

Another way to utilize your faith to trust God is to keep praying. The act of prayer is communicating with God.

Therefore, when you pray, it is important to do so in line with the scriptures. This would help you build your faith and trust God for the impossible.

Finally, when it comes to trusting God for your mental health with faith, you need to be consistent in your fellowship with God.

So, even when it feels like things are not working out, ensure you keep up your spiritual activities.